About Us

About Us

What we're like

The people at Flooding Creek are a family.

We have partnered up trying to live out the implications of the Good News about Jesus in our entire lives. We meet together, eat together, sing and pray together, serve together and walk through life together.

We are a family who are connected through Jesus - that means anybody can join our family as they come to follow Jesus. No matter your age, gender, past or problems. We are not people trying to be good enough for Jesus, but instead we are broken and struggling people who are being made new in Jesus. Your baggage isn't a barrier to belonging, it's a pre-requisite!

If you are new to Sale or a local we’d love to get to know you, understand how we can help you, and be like your family!

Our History

Flooding Creek was planted in 2012 by Dan and Simone Godde after they saw the need for more Gospel preaching, Bible-based churches in this region. Sadly, Dan fell sick with cancer in early 2016, and died in early 2017. Nevertheless, God has still blessed their work by enabling a Bible-based church community to be established here. We love seeing people meet Jesus and grow in their faith while they are connected in with other believers on the same journey.

After Dan's death, Flooding Creek was served by various Christians who were committed to the mission of this church in this place, hoping and praying that God would continue the work that was already begun.

We remain a church that is on mission together, where each of us is called to use our God-given gifts to serve and encourage one another while reaching out to our local community. In early 2021 we called Samuel Lindsay to come and lead us as we continue our labours here for Christ.

What does "Flooding Creek" mean?

Flooding Creek is an older name for the area, and is in fact the name of one of the local creeks that (unsurprisingly) often floods! This creek is part of the city landscape and history. Our name reminds us that we are a church that is part of this local community, that we desire to be a constant and enduring part of it, and it also reminds us of God's promises to flood the world with his Holy Spirit. It starts as a little trickle and then grows to a wider river the renews the world (See Ezekiel 47:1-12, Revelation 22:1-5). We hope Flooding Creek Community Church may be used by God to flood this city and region with God's love and grace.