Our Flow

So you've visited us, and you're keen to to take the next steps?

This can be as simple as dinner at somone's home. We'll introduce you to our Mission and Vision and invite you to join us on this journey together!

Let us know if you're ready for a Newcomer Night.

If needed, we'll spend some time going over what it means to follow Jesus and the essential elements of what we beleive.

This is where we make it official.

We go through a few classes to so that we're all on the same page about what to expect from church, and we talk about how church is run.

If you're ready for this to be your spiritual home, then we commit to each other, you to the church, and the church to you. We call this membership. It is not a special class of church-goer, it's for every Christian and is just a recognition of your belonging to Christ and this local church.

As beleivers we live in an ongoing cycle of growing in Christ and service. This the everyday life of Christians, lived in community, practicing the means of grace, all under God's Word.

Progress might not always be obvious, but little by little we expect to see sanctifiaction happening: growing in knowledge of Jesus, growing in faithfulness, growing in love for others. You will be maturing and bearing spiritual fruit.

We are people who serve Jesus, and by serving Jesus we also serve his Church. As needs and your abilities become apparent, we encourage each person to cheerfully serve in some capacity. That may change over time as needs and gifting shift.

There's always more needs than people, so don't be afraid to put your hand up and get stuck into serving in whatever way you can.

We love it when people get to live their whole life connected to a single church, but we also know the providential reality that many folks will move on some day.

We hope that we can be a church who sends you out to your next spiritual home thoroughly equiped, and ready for what God has in store!