Present Christ to everyone and present everyone mature in Christ.
This is our mission
Our Core Values

Christ is at the centre of everything that we do and are.

Our lives and our ministry are grounded on the Scriptures.

We express our dependence on God.

We are on Christ’s mission to seek and save the lost.

We desire authentic relationships with one another as we share life together.

Our Vision
Reach - Connect - Build - Serve - Exalt

For ministry:

Reach: To reach out to everyone who doesn’t know Jesus with the gospel, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Connect: To connect people into our church community.

Build: To build Christians together into maturity.

Serve: To serve one another and those outside our community with our gifts, time and resources.

Exalt: To cultivate within us a love for God that touches every part of life.

... all from the foundation of God’s grace and our aim is for his glory!


For the city of Sale:

To see 10% of Sale committed Christians and members of a church.