Our Ministries

Sunday Gathering

10am Sundays

This is the spiritual high-point of our week! This is includes the formal time of singing, prayer, teaching, etc, as well as the informal times we spend together in fellowship and encouragement. If you can only make it to one thing each week, this is it! All of our other events and ministries build on what we do here. Check out Visiting for more detail on what to expect.

Prayer Meetings

Before Sunday gathering

We know that we depend on God for everything. He wants us to seek Him in prayer and to ask for things in accordance with His will. We pray in many of our meetings, but this time is especially set aside for this purpose.

Children's Activities

During Sunday Gathering

Children need to be discipled too! Our Sunday gathering is for children as well as adults, and so we encourage parents to include their children in the Sunday gathering and in age-appropriate serving. Parents are the primary disciplers of their children, and the church wants to support an encourage them in this wonderful responsibility. On Sundays we provide activity sheets during the sermon, songs, and teaching that helps integrate them into the gathering.

Growth Groups

During the Week

We can't do everything on Sunday mornings, so we have groups that meet during the week for Bible study, prayer & fellowship. This is a small group setting, with opportunities for deeper Bible study, building closer relationships with brothers & sisters in Christ and providing spiritual care.

Men's & Women's gatherings

Sunday Evening Bi-monthly

God made us wonderfully in two distinct genders. The godly life has different challenges and advantages depending on your sex. We provide periodic opportunities to gather together to spur each other on in faithfulness as a man or a woman. Sometimes we arrange these events around a conference or an overnight away. Bring along your teenager to help intergrade them into godly manhood or womanhood.

Sunday Equipping

Most Sunday Evenings

Recognising the need for dedicated training and equipping for Christian service, we run regular classes on Sunday nights. These cover a range of topics including theological, Christian living, equipping to serve and short courses.


All of the Christian life is discipleship of Jesus, and we want to help each other on the way with mentoring, accountability and more. We hope to grow and develop this intentional discipleship in our church.

Outside Ministries

These ministries are not directly run by Flooding Creek but are co-ordinated by members of our church. We commend them to you:

  • Youth Group - There is a local Gospel focused weekly group that includes youth from other local churches.

  • FOCUS Military Ministry - Serving trainees on the RAAF base by introducing them Jesus and equipping them to serve in the ADF with a strong faith. Visit their website here: