Meeting in person

We’re back! Praise God, we can now meet back in person again! Due to the currently mandated restrictions in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, we are no longer physically meeting in our normal place of worship (Guthridge Primary School Hall). However, we are now able to meet together at Sale Presbyterian Church, at… Continue reading Meeting in person

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Recorded Sermons

Sermons are back – we have our very own YouTube Channel! You can view our uploaded sermons here – Flooding Creek YouTube Channel. Sermons from pre-Zoom will be uploaded eventually, I hope! God is good, friends. Read your bible. Pray in the Spirit always. Encourage your brothers and sisters. Continue meeting together as much as… Continue reading Recorded Sermons

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Easter 2020

Jesus is risen! He’s risen indeed! He’s Up! He’s up and about! We believe that a man rose from the dead. It’s an unusual thing to believe, apparently. But what’s really unusual is when an apparently sane man claims to glorify God, be God’s Son, and be God Himself- and then backs up his claims… Continue reading Easter 2020

Good God, Good Friday

Tomorrow is Good Friday. It’s yet another day we are reminded of the fact that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died for us, and rose again. The impact of this truth on our lives, and on the lives of every human that has ever- and will ever- walk this earth, is beyond profound. Tomorrow,… Continue reading Good God, Good Friday

God is Sovereign

Autumn in Sale is simply stunning. God’s good creation, continually held together by His grace and power, remind us of His promises and faithfulness to fulfill them. Praise the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who loves us! For the self-diagnosed “technologically impaired”, please don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you’re having trouble… Continue reading God is Sovereign

Growth and Growth Groups

Ross started a new series with us this morning, which has been uploaded to the Sermons page of the website! We are looking at 2 Corinthians, and Ross started by focussing on Paul’s authority as an Apostle and what that means for us. It was so encouraging to meet this morning, and also to have… Continue reading Growth and Growth Groups

A note to the church.

FCCC has been without a pastor for over two years now. As the search continues into the new year and beyond please pray for the selection panel and potential applicants, that God’s will would be done and that we may have a Spirit of wisdom and understanding. My hope is that this church – all… Continue reading A note to the church.

Sermons are up!

Woohoo! It’s taken a while, but after running into various technical difficulties over the last few months, I’ve finally found the time to work out how to externally link the sermons we’ve recorded over the last couple of months! Please let us know if you have any issues with accessing the media, or if the… Continue reading Sermons are up!

Sunday 15 Sep 19

Hi everyone, just a heads up post regarding this Sunday, 15 September 2019. Guthridge Primary, where we normally meet, will have the hall set up for their school play, so we are going to be meeting at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Sale at 89 Dundas Street at the normal time of 10:00am. Thanks to Sale… Continue reading Sunday 15 Sep 19