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10 am, 82-84 MacAlister St, Sale VIC 3850
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What should I expect?

We'll happily get together at any time, however our Sunday gathering is the main event of our communal church life week to week. It's where our whole spiritual family comes together to worship God, including to pray, hear from and serve God. While our whole lives are an act of worship lived in God's presence, the weekly gathering is special as a spiritual high point of our week.

Our family gatherings (often called services) are public, and anybody is welcome come. We come as ordinary people, dressed in ordinary clothes, to seek an extraordinary God.

Where do we meet?

Sundays, 10am - Sale Memorial Hall

82-84 MacAlister St, Sale VIC 3850

(Please contact us if you would like to confirm the latest information.)

If you cannot join a physical service do to symptoms/illness, you can join our Zoom live stream. Contact us for help getting on Zoom.

What happens before the service?

15-20 minutes before the service most people start to arrive, saying g'day to one another and welcoming visitors.

Some people will turn up to church an hour early to spend extra time praying together. Others will be around setting up for the service.

It's best to show up at least a few minutes early to find a seat.

What happens during the service?

Our service usually goes for about 1.5 hours. It is lead by someone at the front and includes:

  • Reading from the Bible - we believe it is God's word to us.
  • Singing together to God - It is one way we honour and pray to him.
  • Prayer to God - We believe he wants to hear us and respond to our prayers.
  • Lord's Supper - So we can be reminded, and celebrate, the death of Jesus Christ on our behalf. All Christians are welcome to join in this celebration, even if you're visiting. (A good rule of thumb is if you have been baptised in the name of the Father, Son & Spirit and can confess the Apostles Creed, you're welcome to join!)
  • Preaching/sermon - A teaching time based on a section of the Bible.
  • Baptisms - Sometimes people will undergo a symbolic washing as a sign of belonging to Jesus.

We believe the service is for everybody, young and old! Kids make noise, so don't fret about that, but if you feel they're being disruptive and you want to retreat to the foyer, feel free! We try to bring in elements of the service to help children engage, and we encourage parents to help their children engage at a level that is appropriate for them.

What happens after the service?

People usually stick around and catch-up after the service, maybe have a cup of tea and generally hang out. Its a time where we can check-in with each other. It's a great opportunity to pray in small groups, have meaningful conversations, or share encouragement.

In the warmer months, we will regularly migrate to a local park and have lunch together.