FCCC loves people

The people at FCCC are a family. We have partnered up trying to live out the implications of the Good News about Jesus in our entire lives. If you are new to Sale or the surrounding area we’d love to get to know you, understand how we can help you, and be like your family!

In Genesis we see a picture of the ideal. God and humans living together and co-ruling the earth through God’s wisdom. While we live in a world suffering the consequences of that broken relationship, by the grace of Jesus we are once again offered this relationship! So we would love to partner with you if you, like us, are trying to work out this relationship with God in your life.

Check out our Sunday Meetings page, and get in touch with us by emailing Also check out our Contact Us page to subscribe to our weekly mailing list!

We are incredibly excited to welcome Samuel Lindsay as our new Senior Pastor! He and his lovely family have recently joined us from Toowoomba, so please partner with us in prayer as they settle in to Sale.

People at FCCC - The Lindsay Family!
Big welcome to Samuel Lindsay and his family joining us as FCCC Senior Pastor!