Country Leaders: That we would have Godly leaders; That those who don't know Him would come to know Him; Make rules that glorify God; We would trust God no matter what our Country leaders may decide


Missions: our neighbours


Preparing for Church on Sunday: Beg God to bring along all those people who are wavering or uncertain about coming, and to overrule in all the mundane details of the meting so that everything might work together to build up His people 


FCCC Vision for Ministry – Build: To build Christians together into maturity


World Watch List – Algeria

– That the Holy Spirit will help Algerian believers to stand firm in faith.

– That Christians will have opportunities to gather with other believers.

– For the reopening of churches and relaxing of laws that stifle religious freedom


FCCC Families  -

Steve, Carmen, Tori, Kiera, Jade & Caleb

Ron & Liza