Good God, Good Friday

Tomorrow is Good Friday. It’s yet another day we are reminded of the fact that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died for us, and rose again. The impact of this truth on our lives, and on the lives of every human that has ever- and will ever- walk this earth, is beyond profound.

Tomorrow, we will join a worldwide fellowship of Christians to celebrate this truth together, and to encourage each other in accordance with His mercy and grace, which our Father God has poured out on us who believe.
So please join us at 4pm tomorrow for a short service, including an opportunity to share the Lord’s Supper together.

I look forward to a time of fellowship with you despite the physical distance using the tools available to us. Thank God for that ability! Just email us for the link.

Remember – it’s Good Friday because He’s a Good God!

In Christ,

Paul and the FCCC Team,