God is Sovereign

Autumn in Sale is simply stunning. God’s good creation, continually held together by His grace and power, remind us of His promises and faithfulness to fulfill them. Praise the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who loves us!

For the self-diagnosed “technologically impaired”, please don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you’re having trouble setting up Zoom or discovering how youtube works. That said, a lot of learning is trial and error – embrace the challenge!

National Day of Prayer for Defence

At 10am this morning, Saturday 28 Mar, we are gathering from all over the country via Zoom to pray for the Australian Defence Force.  http://zoom.us/j/8359803354 is the link! Feel free to join us. Sorry for the late notice!

Sunday services start at 9:30am!

It will come as no surprise that we will not be meeting at the School Hall in person this Sunday. Nonetheless, we will be meeting via Zoom! The same link works – http://zoom.us/j/8359803354.

Despite our enthusiasm, our current tech setup precludes transmitting an audio quality conducive to communal singing. Nonetheless, we still want to sing praises to our Lord Jesus and encourage one another in this way! To mitigate our own setup we’re going to tap into the resources of our northern brethren up at EV Church, and join in the communal singing potion of their service, which starts at 9:30am!

Go to evchurch.info/live to join in! After the singing, we are planning to continue our own service on Zoom. If you’re able to use two screens, we will start our Zoom meeting at 9:30am as well, though probably on mute…. 🙂

Community Zoom Dinners!

From Saturday evening, we plan to host a communal Zoom meeting, using the same link as always, for anyone to join (just click the link!) and have dinner together as a community. If you’d like to enjoy dinner with someone, just log on, see who else is online, and enjoy some communal conversation! The Zoom meeting will generally be active and open at least between the hours of 5:30pm and 9pm or so every evening.

If you’re feeling isolated or lonely at any other time of day, please reach out to us – we are all here for each other. Likewise, if you have any prayer points, simply email us at floodingcreekcommunitychurch@gmail.com and someone in our community can give you a call, or add your prayer point to our prayer register. We will treat any personal information with respect and privacy, but if you have particular requests about the privacy of your information, please let us know in your email.

If you’re self-isolating, please let us know so we can work out how to best support you. Don’t be a stranger 🙂 God loves you.

In Christ,
Paul and the FCCC Team.