Easter 2020

Jesus is risen! He’s risen indeed! He’s Up! He’s up and about!

We believe that a man rose from the dead. It’s an unusual thing to believe, apparently. But what’s really unusual is when an apparently sane man claims to glorify God, be God’s Son, and be God Himself- and then backs up his claims by not only performing miracles of all shapes and sizes, but by rising from the dead after a Roman crucifixion! This man preached repentance for the forgiveness of sins, and paid for that forgiveness by His blood, offering it by faith to those who believe. His name was Jesus.

Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is the best, and most reasonable explanation of all of the facts. This is what we are convinced of, and reminded of, this Easter 2020. This truth has changed our lives, and we pray it changes- and continues to change- yours as well. In the midst of turmoil, we have Real hope, Real comfort, and Real salvation.

God is good! He is risen indeed. Join us tomorrow for our Sunday Service at 10am – just email floodingcreekcommunitychurch@gmail.com for the link.