Growth and Growth Groups

Ross started a new series with us this morning, which has been uploaded to the Sermons page of the website! We are looking at 2 Corinthians, and Ross started by focussing on Paul’s authority as an Apostle and what that means for us. It was so encouraging to meet this morning, and also to have… Continue reading Growth and Growth Groups

Survey Results are in!

The results from this year’s survey are in! We had over 200 people respond to the following two questions: 1. If you could ask God one question, it would be: The top 5 answers were: 33%     Why is there so much pain and suffering? 18%     What happens after I die? 10%     What is the meaning… Continue reading Survey Results are in!

I believe faith is individual and private

There’s something profoundly true about that, isn’t there? This was the second most popular response in our recent survey. Faith is an individual choice, and it is not the role of the government to decide people’s faith for them. Both those ideas are taught in the Bible. Christian faith is about a personal relationship with… Continue reading I believe faith is individual and private