May 31, 2022 Samuel Lindsay

A Prayer For Australia

A Prayer For Australia

O great God of highest heaven,

Occupy my lowly heart, own it all and reign supreme, conquer every rebel power.

Lord, I know something of my own heart and how easily it strays from you. I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips (Is 6:5). I know that I belong to a people who's hearts and lips are just like mine, easily distracted from giving you worship and living a righteous life that brings you glory. We would rather swap the joys of your presence for poor imitations in this fallen world. Please forgive us.

We Lord, deserve nothing from you. We have no claim on your kindness. We deserve leaders that reflect our natural state: full of corruption, deceit and perversion.

Yet Lord, in your mercy we ask that you would give us what we don't deserve.

In fact you have already done so in Christ! You gave the human race hope and redemption that we don't deserve! You have brought salvation for us! For that we are eternally thankful!

We know that you have triumphed over Satan, sin and death. But, we still see the effects of these tyrants in our world and across our nation. We ask that you would undo these evils in this people. We ask that you would overcome this wickedness.

We know that you are able. We know that you are at work across history undermining your enemies by plundering their slaves; you are taking slaves to sin and making them slaves to righteousness! (Ro 6:21). We ask that we might see that in operation today in our nation, starting in hearts, renewing them by the power of your Spirit and rebirthing them to eternal life (Jo 3:5-6). Please turn the hearts of our nation to Jesus Christ, the only name under heaven by which we may be saved! (Ac 4:12)

Please unshackle our country from our rebellious spirit, and give us a spirit of submission to the Living God.

We long to see our nation turn to you, from the youngest to the oldest. Not so that we may have some golden age or become a Christian utopia, but so that we may Glorify Christ. So that we would see a great multitude of our friends, family and colleagues worshiping in spirit and in truth while spreading holiness and obedience to every corner of this land. Make this place the great southland of the Holy Spirit.

Show us how we, who already belong to you, are to use the gifts and resources we have to be part of your plans for making disciples of Jesus. Spur us on, so we may in love herald the coming of Jesus to our fellow citizens.

Please give us leaders that would help us on this way; leaders that would not hinder righteousness and holiness. Please grant us leaders that would seek to glorify you as they execute the duties of their office.

Your ways are higher than our ways, and your thoughts higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:9). Whatever circumstances you place us in, whether it be joy or sorrow, suffering or prosperity, war or peace, we know that you know best. If you answer this prayer in a way that feels to us like a failure, please help us to trust you regardless. Keep us from loosing our hope. We entrust ourselves to you our Faithful Creator while we go about the work you have given to us (1 Pe 4:19).

In Jesus Name, Amen.

(Samuel Lindsay)