Abraham’s Thoughtful Faith

Often people characterise faith as the opposite of thinking. It’s a blind leap in the dark. Friedrich Nietzsche, the nineteenth century atheist philosopher said, “Faith is not wanting to know what is true”. A little more modern example is Richard Dawkins: “Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and… Continue reading Abraham’s Thoughtful Faith

A Journey with Cancer

Since January one of our pastors, Dan Godde, has been diagnosed with Leukemia and has been receiving treatment. This has meant long stays in Melbourne away from family and church. Rob, our other pastor, has happily stepped up into Dan’s role and is doing a great job. Dan’s journey with cancer looks likely to be… Continue reading A Journey with Cancer

Who cares about the Cross?

Every religion has its own symbol. The Lotus flower was first used by the Egyptians and the ancient Chinese and Indians but is now mostly associated with Buddhism.  Its wheel shape depicts the circle of birth and death, and beauty and harmony emerging out of muddy water.  Ancient Judaism was scared stiff to have a… Continue reading Who cares about the Cross?

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Mythbusters Christmas Eve Special

Join us this Christmas Eve at 6pm at Guthridge Primary School Hall for a super-short, super-fun, all-ages Mythbusters Christmas Eve service. We’ll sing carols, sort fact from fiction and have lots of fun. Feel free to stay for a free feed and then drive around looking at the Christmas lights in town. Everyone is welcome.… Continue reading Mythbusters Christmas Eve Special

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  Is there more to life? Jesus Christ says there is. We’d love you to join us at Life to explore what he says about this question and many more, such as: Who is this man called Jesus? Isn’t he simply an urban myth? Is there any real evidence? What about his resurrection from the… Continue reading Life

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Music Time

A class that teaches basic music concepts and skills in a Christian environment For kids 0-5 yrs and their carers Thursdays, 9:30-10:30am during school terms, starting 16th July. 10:30-11:30am – morning tea and an informal opportunity to talk about God in your family’s life (child-minding provided during discussion time) $5 per family, includes morning tea… Continue reading Music Time

Time for a change!

We’re changing our service time from 3pm in the afternoon to 10am in the morning as of this Sunday. Why? Because we live in a dairy farming area and it’s hard for dairy farmers to come to church when it’s on at the exact same time as they milk. Winter is an opportune time to… Continue reading Time for a change!