A Journey with Cancer

Rob lomo small

Since January one of our pastors, Dan Godde, has been diagnosed with Leukemia and has been receiving treatment. This has meant long stays in Melbourne away from family and church. Rob, our other pastor, has happily stepped up into Dan’s role and is doing a great job. Dan’s journey with cancer looks likely to be a long one. Doctor’s project that if his treatment is successful, he will probably not return to work until next year. This news has brought grief to Dan’s family, our church family and his friends. But in the midst we are comforted, because our God is a good God and he is in control of this world, even when things look bleak. Please join us in praying for Dan and his family. Also, please pray for the leaders of Flooding Creek. Many of our church members have stood up and taken on more leadership this year, and we have already seen how in the midst of this trial God is blessing us.

If you would like to follow Dan’s progress, than you might like to read his blog here.